Early days

In 1970 Mike Gwinn and I began playing together in Laguna Beach, California. Armed with original songs, two acoustic guitars, and tight vocal harmonies, we immediately drew attention playing local music venues and festivals and sharing the stage with artists such as Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, and Lily Tomlin. In short order we christened ourselves Gabriel Gladstar and began recording under the supervision of Ian Bernard (musical director Rowen and Martin's Laugh-in). The interest in recording our material eventually led to a long working relationship with Ahmet Ertigan (founder and president of Atlantic Records) 
who offered us a recording contract. In the process of recording demos for Atlantic at many of the major studios in LA over the period of about a year, we expanded the duo to include Jimmy Zeiger on flute and sax, and Mark Bradley on bass. Our audiences enthusiastically supported our change, but Ahmet had reservations and remained committed to signing the original duo to his label...  This led to our amicably turning down his offer, the purchasing and conversion of a 1951 Chevy School Bus, and the making of grass roots history as an independent touring and recording artist.
PLM & Mike Gwinn,
Gabriel Gladstar 1972

PLM & Mike Gwinn, Gabriel Gladstar 1972